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Ember Holds are hand shaped by climbers, routesetters and artists with decades of experience, and mass-produced using the most sophisticated technologies to guarantee an always linear product and fast distribution.

We value the looks of our products just as much as ergonomics and safety.

Nobody should get injured because the shape of the hold is not comfortable.

We only use the best materials, and we are constantly looking for better ones.

Our goal is to bring Italian excellence to the world of climbing holds.

Just like in climbing, our motivation to improve is endless.


Our top-quality polyurethane is flexible and wear resistant.

Furthermore, it allows us to hollow out the back of our bigger holds, making them light and easy to throw on that highball roof at your gym.

Hold surface grip has been developed to avoid loss of texture with high traffic.

Then, we added steel washers to bolt and screw holes to substantially extend the lifespan of the hold. Not to mention the increased hold gleam factor.